agency with a heart

Cicada Media is a full service marketing communications company. Our services range from consultancy and planning to design and execution.

From the beginning, our vision has not been to be the biggest player in the field, but to be the best liked by our customers. We feel we have succeeded.

Our customers love our personalized attention and our quick turnaround times.

New customers come to us mainly through referrals. You, probably, are checking out this website because a happy customer mentioned our name to you. Or you found us through a search engine (Quick plug: that speaks highly of our web development and SEO skills!).

Our beliefs

So, what makes Cicada Media special? Perhaps our Key Beliefs, reproduced below, has the answer:

  • The customer comes first
  • We care for our employees
  • We are here for the long term
  • We are an ethical company
  • We are a green company

Our Unique value

Why Cicada? Here are a few compelling reasons:

Personalised attention:

We spend time listening to you. Understanding your business and business goals. This in turn leads to a customized media solution which is exactly what you need.

No learning curve:

With over 15 years experience with technology companies, we quickly grasp the essentials. You don't need to spend hours explaining products and technologies.

Strong design/production skills:

Our team of experienced web and print designers are quick, efficient and consistently deliver outstanding designs. They are backed by an expert production team that ensures deliverables are of international quality.

Quick turnaround:

We always delight our customers with the speed with which we turn around a project. This is especially true with overseas clients where we leverage on time zone differences to deliver at warp speeds.